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Niall O'Riordan

Flute Soloist & Educator


Have you enjoyed my playing, teaching or a workshop. Submit a testimonial from the link at the bottom of this page and let others know about your experience.

Niall, I enjoyed your workshop on scales at the CFA convention -- in addition to your virtuosic concert performance. I like your gentle but informative teaching style. I never would have thought I would say that -- like scales? You certainly do more with scales than anyone I've ever heard -- and it certainly shows in your playing. I also appreciated the advice on intentionally changing one's embouchure as one changes notes. It was really quite an amazing effect. I'm glad you and Val were there. I'll be following your career from now on -- and look forward to obtaining some of your CDs.


Candian Convention 2012

I participated in Niall's Feldenkrais class at the Canadian Flute Association Convention 2013 and also heard his performance. Niall's approach in his class was incredibly calming and sensitive to the needs of those taking part. His clear instructions allowed me to really tune into what my body was telling me in surprising ways. He brings this same calm and elegant way into his own playing and his performance was a thing to behold. Truly inspiring! I feel a profound genuineness coming from this artist.Quotes

Christopher Lee

CFA workshop participant

It was a mind and body opening session. I teach yoga so should know how to be able to release tension, but Niall's approach was so gentle and subtle I felt (and could see from others faces and bodies too)that this had been a very deep and special experience of learning to release and let go. I still had energy from the session by 9pm which reinforced Niall's message that if we can be flexible rather than locked, there is so much more available to us. It would be hugely enriching and beneficial to have more of this type of workshop/learning about awareness and the use and opening out of the body in our music making and lives.

Workshop Attendee

University of York - Masterclass & Workshop attendee Oct 2015

I found the session really useful, it made me much more aware of my body and everything he did was really relaxed. I enjoyed so anything like this would be useful! Especially the flute masterclass in the afternoon, it was inspiring to see him play as he had such a nice tone and lots of tips!

Workshop Attendee

University of York - Masterclass & Workshop attendee Oct 2015

I really enjoyed the classes yesterday... Niall's first session on Feldenkrais was extremely interesting...once we stood up after what felt like a meditation session, I was totally surprised to find my whole body felt more centred, my feet felt flat on the floor and I didn't feel the need to slouch, which I normally do when stood still! I also felt totally relaxed and in control of myself, which was a great feeling to have...I would definitely go to another Feldenkrais session, it had many benefits not just physically but psychologically too. The Masterclass was extremely useful for me...I can definitely say Niall worked constructively and positively with both Athene and I, with the right balance of teaching us as individuals but then making it relevant for the rest of the group who were watching...With a diploma coming up it was exactly what I needed. Thanks very much to Niall for coming in and sharing his flute wisdom with us!


University of York - Masterclass & Workshop attendee Oct 2015

I was so lucky to have been able to work with Niall for a few years during which time his passionate playing and advice gave me the confidence to pick up my flute and start playing again. He is a kind and amzing teacher and has a gentle way of being able to get the best from is students playing. I would highly recommend Niall as a fute teacher.


Wonderful Teacher

I met Niall at the Sir James Galway Flute Festival 2013. I barely knew anyone there, but he was friendly and welcoming straight away. It was only the next day that I found out he would be teaching us in a Feldenkrais class in the morning! It was a fantastic experience. Niall was clear, honest and informative about what he wanted us to do. There was never any pressure to do every exercise, and precisely because we weren't required to remember anything in particular I found that a lot more of the class stayed in my head afterwards. He doesn't force information or the method onto you; it's presented as an option, and in my mind after you've had it taught to you by this gentleman the only option is to find out more about it. I now consider him a friend and a little bit of a mentor, and I highly recommend any class he gives, be it teaching Feldenkrais or the flute.

David Westcombe


Attended the 2012 BFS Overcome Anxiety workshop. Very informative and enjoyable day, well worth attending. Got two concerts coming up, will put into practice all the advice given.... I will endeavour to stop putting my inner child down with negative comments.....

Helen Vaughan

BFS Anxiety Workshop, Participant

Not only is Niall a wonderful, passionate and sensitive flute player, he is also a fantastic teacher. I've had the privilege of participating in 3 of Niall's classes now and have been so impressed by his intuitive teaching abilities and his extensive knowledge of yoga and other holistic methods of flute playing. Niall lives and breathes music, he is so passionate about what he does. He is also a lovely person! I totally recommend having a lesson with him - it will open your eyes!

Annalisa Powell

Workshop Participant